Tesla shows off the Autopilot mode of the Models S

Everyone wants to build an auto-driving car, but it looks like Tesla is the only company willing to commit to the concept.

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HanCilliers1740d ago

Looked to me like Nvidia was pretty committed as well :P

schmoe1740d ago

When auto-piloting is proven to be safer that manual, I wonder how long before we are no longer allowed to drive ourselves on certain roads?

gizmig1740d ago

That might be true if we have separate roads or lanes where we are not allowed to drive manually then we can make it safer to drive it automatically.

RetrospectRealm1740d ago

That will likely be a hundred years away. Sure we'll get self driven cars sooner, but for it to be illegal for you to drive yourself, that's a ways off.

I imagine something like in Minority Report. All the cars just follow a track basically.

SonZeRo1740d ago

I've seen videos of driver sitting with no hands on while it drives so i assume it works fine.

Sillicur1740d ago

For some reason I wouldnt feel safe in these cars. I blame terminator movies, specifically the whole idea of SkyNET.

RetrospectRealm1740d ago

I agree only because a human can react with instinct which a car cannot. In a tense situation, only a true human would really know what to do.

Tiqila1739d ago

those same instincts probably cause a lot of accidents

gizmig1740d ago

Wow! I just see the video demonstrating it and it looks pretty amazing. I wonder when it will reach to end users end and when I will get a chance to sit in a self driven car.

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