Piracy Can Boost Digital Music Sales, Research Shows

A new academic paper published by the Economics Department of Queen's University examines the link between BitTorrent downloads and music album sales. The study shows that depending on the circumstances, piracy can hurt sales or give it a boost through free promotion.

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WizzroSupreme1739d ago

It can, but it can also lose sales too if people can listen to anything for free. What's difficult is that it's hard to quantify what sales are gained and lost objectively as piracy's power is in its anonymity.


If its true then piracy may go ahead and make musics popular.

DragoonsScaleLegends1737d ago

Well when one of my favorite bands latest album that I'm interested in possibly buying is held from being put on Spotify, I'm not going to waste money on it when I might not like it. I wasted money on quite a few albums from bands back in the day so I'm never buying a product I haven't tried first.

donwel1737d ago

Maybe, I can understand how some people might pirate a game before they commit to buying it, because with the way some companies are these days you never know if the demo you're playing is largely representative of the final product.
Of course you could also make the argument that with things like youtube/twitch/the other one and shareplay on PS4 (not sure if x1 has an equivalent yet) you can get a good idea of the quality of a game without the need to pirate it.
I'd say you have the same, or similar situation with music. Go on youtube/spotify give the album a listen, if you like it, buy it. Simple.