Amazon now offering refunds to all hoverboard customers

‘Hoverboards’ as they are are called have been making headlines, not so much because they don’t actually hover, but because they’ve been spontaneously catching fire to the point where they’ve been banned by airlines and shipping companies, universities, and many other business places because of the risk they pose.

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Stringerbell1740d ago

Nice for amazon to do, in my experience they are top notch when it comes to returning things...

Speed-Racer1740d ago

Indeed. I never have had any problems when I needed refunds. They even gave me credit every time I had issues.

Stringerbell1740d ago

Same here. One time for instance I bought this old game that was marked as brand new from a third part seller - but in reality it was a used game resealed by this vendor....

Amazon refunded my money and bought me the game again free of charge. I cant think of many places that would have done that for me...

sonicwrecks1740d ago

I've had instances of them saying just keep the item I have that I wasn't happy with and then given the money back. Very flexible.

gizmig1740d ago

Never got a chance where I do need my credit back but as far as I have heard from my friends they do give refund back if you have any problem with the product. So, Kuddos to Amazon.

gizmig1740d ago

They are. That's why Amazon is the number ecommerce company online.

RetrospectRealm1739d ago

Why are these even called hoverboards? I thought they were rollerboards? A hoverboard is a skateboard that hovers like in Back To The Future Part II.

Stringerbell1739d ago

Maybe awkard looking pseudo rollerblade skateboard thingy didnt test well =p

Hayabusa 1171739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Because the only people who would use such a device (outside of a large workplace like an airport) are pretentious fuck-tarded douche-bags, who want to imagine they're hovering instead of trying to invent a real hover board.