Nespresso is the iPhone of coffee makers

The Verge

I wouldn’t describe myself as an advanced coffee drinker, not by any means. I at least used an Aeropress until a few months ago, but it evidently wasn’t that important to me else I’d have remembered to bring it to my new apartment. Coffee nerdery is a rabbit hole as deep as any area of technology, and I’ve never really wanted to fall down it. I do know enough to know what I like, though, and that’s enough for me to be upset by bad coffee.

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RetrospectRealm1739d ago

Seems like a waste of money ($70! WOW!). It is not that big of a deal or hassle to make a couple cups of coffee in the morning. Like seriously, come on people.

WizzroSupreme1738d ago

I'll give the creators a point just for the name alone – and not much else.

gizmig1738d ago

You are right! The name is attractive and the way it is compared to iPhone too.

Sahil1731d ago

Really? I've never bought nay of their coffee makers