Apple, Samsung and Sony accused of slack child labour safeguards

MWEB GameZone writes: It’s not something that is comfortable to think about. We all have problems of varying intensity that mean that we find a welcome escape from the things we access through our controllers, our phones, and our laptops. We don’t need or even deserve to have that space troubled for us, but it is a troubled space.

As long as we stay comfortable with our own transgressions, it will never be enough to call out multi-national corporations for theirs.

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Sillicur1741d ago

Wow, that is so terrible. Its absolutely disgusting! After reading this story, I looked to at my phone next to my PC and emotions almost took over...

RetrospectRealm1741d ago

That's a little dramatic. Technology companies using children to build their products isn't really news. Especially for Apple.

HanCilliers1740d ago

It's not new - but how it's increased over the past few years is. Even despite stronger human rights regulation

WizzroSupreme1739d ago

As much as the 3rd world's accused for so much of the world's child slave labour, it's coming down to the 1st world to pick up the tab.