Google Hauls Its Street View Cameras Up The Mont Blanc

Google recently took its Street View cameras to the world’s largest model railroad. Today, it’s going from small models to massive mountains with the launch of its new Street View imagery of the Mont Blanc massif.

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gizmig1744d ago

Atleast we can see the Mont Blanc view through street view cameras.

EXTREMETECH1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Yes atleast without being their we will be their.

gizmig1744d ago

Yup, I will definitely check it out.


Making this is a very good idea and their are many more images of these.

RetrospectRealm1744d ago

This is actually pretty damn cool. It's one thing to use Street View for directions, but to see landmarks and MONT BLANC in 360 view is amazing.

WizzroSupreme1742d ago

I'm this much closer to feeling like I'm really there.

sonicwrecks1738d ago

What next for them I wonder? Under the sea?


Yes that view might be preety cool and awesome.

gizmig1738d ago

We never knew if they go under the sea, in the mountains? or whatelse. I will like to wait for the day when they go beyond this earth in outer space.