Bitcoin is not dying

Between last Thursday and Saturday, Bitcoin lost over 13% of its value to settle at below $365 for the first time since early December last year. That's a long fall from the net gain of 35% last year that made it the "best performing currency of 2015."

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gizmig1742d ago

Maybe the best time to invest again.

RetrospectRealm1742d ago

Not wise to invest in something while it's dropping. Invest in it when it's hit rock bottom, only if you truly believe it might bounce back up.

gizmig1741d ago

In these kind of things you never know what is rock bottom. You just have to go with your inner instinct.

WizzroSupreme1740d ago

It's hard to imagine any digital currency dying, but it's sure a bad time to invest now.

sonicwrecks1738d ago

It's the sort of thing that will reinvent itself over time, evolving and become something else - similar but different.