Forbes and The Telegraph force users to turn off their Ad Blockers

If you’re a reader of Forbes or The Telegraph and use some type of ad blocking software, you may have noticed warning messages urging you to turn off your ad blocker. Failing to do so would result in you being unable to progress beyond the interstitial like the ones above and below.

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Spenok1748d ago

Which is why I won't be using their sites anymore. It's that simple.

donwel1748d ago

There's an anime site that makes users turn off adblock as well. I'm just hoping it isn't the start of a new trend.

Spenok1748d ago

Same here, although I'm pretty sure annoyedgamer is correct. You'll start to see it more and more. Although I'm sure adblockers will end up finding some way to do it discretely for a time until those too are blocked. And so on and so forth as a constant battle of one being taken down as another eventually takes its place.

Gasian1748d ago

@donwel you talking about kissanime ,right?

donwel1748d ago

Yeah that's the one mate. I don't mind it too much with them as it (as far as I know) is the only revenue they get and they use it for hosting/site maintenance, plus the ads don't seem to be too intrusive.
I remember dualshockers had an add on their site that filled the screen for about 10-15 seconds whenever you clicked on a story, so irritating. Thankfully they seem to have gotten rid of it now though.

RetrospectRealm1747d ago

It's definitely the start of a new trend. Even Youtube broke the other day if you had the normal Adblocker. I had to remove that and get Adblock Plus for it to be alright.

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donthate1748d ago

Can't you adblock, the adblock?

scark921748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Forbes is a joke, goes to show they only want the money...

annoyedgamer1748d ago

Wait untill Youtube blocks it. Riots will ensue.

DragoonsScaleLegends1748d ago

I'm using uBlock Origin and I didn't see any message about me using a ad blocker.

Personally I will unblock websites that I use frequently but only if the number of blocks on the website is less than 10. Of course this website(11 blocked ads), N4G(38 blocked ads), IGN(30 blocked ads), etc will never be unblocked until they decrease their bull$hit.

Though I do have to make exceptions on websites that I use money through like eBay and Amazon because it can screw some stuff up.

RetrospectRealm1747d ago

I honestly don't care about ads on sidebars and stuff. Only annoying pop-up ones or ones before videos.

FreakyFox1748d ago

Telegraph and Forbes still working with ad blocker for me.

Speed-Racer1748d ago

Still getting blocked on Telegraph but Forbes seems to have stopped their block according to the story.

Spenok1748d ago

I can confirm forbes has turned off their adblocker blocker. I just checked it out to see if it would let me in, and success. So maybe it won't be such as big a deal... hopefully.

Speed-Racer1748d ago

They said it was an experiment but I'm pretty sure they realized they made a big mistake. Either way they're stupid because they have WAYYY too many ads on their site as it is. I'd say have 3 tops and focus on delivering higher quality ads. I'm sure they could sell them for much higher prices rather than trying to sell every single bit of white space they have.

gizmig1748d ago

Everyone running for money ofcourse. But these big companies should have some standards.

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