Twitter Looking For Ways to Ban People for Undesirable Political Views

can’t say this bit of news is very surprising. As you can see by the headline, Twitter is allegedly looking for ways to ban people who hold political views the higher-ups there don’t find acceptable. We heard rumors about this for awhile, but this seems to be the first real leak we’ve gotten.

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2pacalypsenow2356d ago

Yeah that's not gonna work

migh_and_highty2356d ago

Twitters stock is falling rapidly as it is. Banning people because their political views particularly on feminism don't match the CEO's is going to dig their graves sooner.

I'm anti feminism, but if I was on twitter, I wouldn't try to suppress the voice of pro-feminists. It's important that everyone has a voice, even if that voice is wrong, because debate improves society

annoyedgamer2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

If you oppose feminazis you support rape culture and should be silenced.

Majin-vegeta2356d ago

What you just said...and you already know how the rest goes.

madjedi2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

The politicians and media in Europe are to busy accusing anyone of acknowledging the rape crisis caused by the massive influx of 3rd world/muslim immigrants to actually stop rape culture.

Hell they are covering it up or blaming it on the women for being raped.

At least till they were forced to acknowledge it. And western feminists are more concerned with sexist air conditioning than rapes in the 1st or 3rd world.

Should probably add neogaf to that list.

Trilithon2356d ago

freedom of speech or nah?

Stringerbell2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Well yes but people often think such 'rights' need to be respected on these social media platforms. As citizen of XYZ nation you may have freedom of speech - but does that transcend to the online sense ie Twitter , Facebook etc dont have to recognize them. While we think they should the ball is in their court if they dont like how you or I interact on their platform out comes the ban hammer.

Its instances like this which shows how far behind legislation is when it comes to defending and enforcing 'rights' on the internet....

This seems to be the only site talking about this, as in legitimately saying Twitter is looking to ban people and their source is some bro dude saying that Twitter is looking to ban people. Okay...

Trilithon2356d ago

Its a pretty grey area. Maybe they disagree or just feel its disrespectful, at the end of the day its a business they own and so they can enforce what ever they want. Maybe they also don't care about hurting their own business.. Anything with a large user base such as twitter serves primarily for advertisement. Its like a cable network only playing commercials for things they support. I encourage people to start their own blogs so they own the content and then advertise such blog via social media.

annoyedgamer2356d ago

$10 says it will ban those disapproving of leftists and SJWs...

gizmig2355d ago

Hard to do that. Twitter won't stop people to express their views.

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