So long small phones: New Moto handsets to have 5-inch or larger screens

Some of the reasons for Motorola's phone success in the low- and mid-range markets are going away with Lenovo: Expect larger handsets and a merger of Lenovos's Vibe UI with Android.

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Stringerbell1747d ago

This is why I'm holding onto my current phone. All these new models are just way too big. dont need this pseudo tablet in my life - just an appropriate sized phone.

RetrospectRealm1747d ago

How exactly are people going to carry this thing around? I can barely fit my 4 inch Samsung phone in my skinny jeans? Are they going to start making the pockets bigger in jeans now too?

killer8761747d ago

they have normal sized jeans for that
get away with your girly skinny jeans. dunno how your balls doesnt get squeezed in that tight azz pants.

Stop wearing girl's clothes

RetrospectRealm1747d ago

Skinny jeans are not girl's clothes. Super skinny jeans are. I'm not wearing skin tight jeans. That's just what they are called.

Even so, the pockets are too small because phones never used to be +5 inches.

Pillsbury11746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

So while everyone else is moving towards bigger sized phones Apple is going back to 4 inch with the supposed iphone 6c? Seems Apple knows where to go to capitalize and fill customers concerns.

Some people don't want bigger and bigger phones not everyone likes big phones like you do.