David Bowie correctly predicted the future of the internet 16 years ago

Everyone knows David Bowie as a fashion pioneer and a musical visionary, but the man alternately known as the Thin White Duke/Ziggy Stardust/Jareth the Goblin King was also a tech trailblazer. In 1994, Bowie released a CD ROM alongside his track "Jump, They Say," which let buyers make their own accompanying music video, and he was one of the first major artists to put a new song — 1996's "Telling Lies" — out exclusively on the internet, selling 300,000 copies in the process. He even helped the New York Yankees make its first website, but Bowie didn't stop there.

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RetrospectRealm1749d ago

You guys let people link directly to social media here? That's kind of weird. Should've switched the credit and main URL. Credit URL was an actual article.

And who else but David Bowie? The man was a genius. "Exhilarating and terrifying" is probably the most accurate description of the internet I've ever heard.