Hyundai’s augmented reality manual: A simple but extremely good idea

If you kept a look out for it, you could find a few examples of augmented reality on display at CES this year. There were concept cars with AR heads-up displays (JVC Kenwood and McLaren Automotive had a modified 675LT with such a system), but little of it was production-ready. That's not the case with Hyundai's new virtual owner's manual.

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sonicwrecks1752d ago

One of the best uses of AR is in engineering and it's exactly this kind of application that makes is both practical and a potential godsend for those who need to use the manual. Glad to see someone pushing it, surely a matter of time before everyone else gets on the bandwagon. The Haynes manual will never be the same again!

WizzroSupreme1752d ago

Everyone is getting onboard this VR wagon, it seems. They make everything else better overseas, so why not?