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Cutting the Cord This Year? Here’s How to Save Money on Internet Service

It’s official: 2015 was the year of the cord cutter. With new streaming services like Sling TV and HBO Now bursting onto the scene, and services like Amazon Prime pushing to become more legitimate cable TV replacements, cord cutters found themselves with more options than ever.

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WizzroSupreme2200d ago

I can't imagine not living without Amazon Prime anymore – almost as much as I'm glad not to have to deal with Cable every month.

Stringerbell2198d ago

Prime rocks. Though they could stand to increase the selection for Prime Video. For instance during Halloween, their selection was horrible.

RetrospectRealm2199d ago

I like cable because I don't always know what I want to watch. I'll just turn the TV on and watch whatever AMC or TCM is playing. I don't necessarily have a choice unless I go to Netflix or Hulu. Cable shows me new things automatically. On Netflix or Hulu I'll be given Suggestions or a Related To category, but I choose what I want to watch still.

I'll always keep my cable. Mainly for watching the Lakers though. Haha :D