Oculus VR - Stepping Into The Rift Is Too Costly

MWEB GameZone writes: "You probably shouldn't buy the Oculus Rift at it's current price point, here is why."

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HoldenZA2156d ago

Its way too costly for me at this point. I'll be content with my regular gaming setup for the next 3-5 years thank you very much

SonZeRo2156d ago

1. too expensive.
2. My pc sucks too much.

Stringerbell2155d ago

Yeah I'll wait see whats available for this and once all the kinks are worked out and an inevitable price reduction, I'll reevaluate.

ChrisW2155d ago

I will think about getting it after the next iteration of nVidia cards comes out; GTX 1080 or what ever they decide to call it.

After that, I will count my pennies and see if I can afford the equivalent to a mid-range monitor.

Revvin2155d ago

Disappointed with the high price, much higher than what was touted and even worse when you factor in that a lot of people will have to upgrade with a costly graphics card too. I really like the idea of having one but may sit this first generation of headsets out until there is a proper standard established and the bugs are ironed out.