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ExoLens promises to make your iPhone photos better — for $300

Phones have largely replaced digital cameras in day-to-day use, but they still have a few major limitations, like their fixed focal length and inability to zoom. There’s a bevy of accessory lenses meant to give photographers more range with their phones, and the latest comes from a partnership between Fellowes, maker of the ExoLens, and the German lens-maker Zeiss.

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TechFrag2154d ago

Not buying it for $300,. if i am so into photography, i should probably be getting cheap nikon/canon dslr

RetrospectRealm2154d ago

LOL Exactly. Buy a camera for $300 not some dumb lense. This is ridiculous. What's even more ridiculous is people will actually buy this.

TechFrag2153d ago

Yea, Exactly after all its not only the lens matter, but the Engine behind it, after all its just an IPhone, and you cannot compete with any DSLR with any Phone


Who will choose these if better options are available.


Yes people will be in favour of buying this for $300 and waste up their money.