Oculus VR’s Massive CES Booth Revealed With New Pictures

VRFocus reports on the reveal of Oculus VR's huge booth for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, with fresh images.

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WizzroSupreme2210d ago

Oculus is sure hitting the ground running in terms of publicity, but I'm still waiting to see what Sony's Morpheus is going to do. The Playstation name is carrying a lot more weight right now in the gaming sector and if it's any less than the Rift, it could really cash in with a sweet FPS.

sonicwrecks2210d ago

Oculus are indeed the ones making the bigger splash although they don't seem to be doing themselves many favours at the moment. Sony have a unique opportunity to come in as the 'good guy' of VR and make it affordable to the masses, it'll be a case of whether or not they can afford it themselves of course.

As for an FPS I think the closest you'll get for the time being will be EVE: Valkyrie (which looks amazing) although there's a number of titles in development.