Should you let a security robot patrol your home?

LG's new "augmented reality" vac pulls double duty as a robotic rent-a-cop. Are we ready for autonomous home security?

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Stringerbell1996d ago

I wonder how easy it would be for such a robot to be hacked, or what exactly would set it off ie a mailman or it mistaking you for robbing your own home...

HedwigOwl1995d ago

I don't know actually. There are already a lot of things we are using that can hacked, internet banking for example. Why the robots can't be given a chance?

RetrospectRealm1995d ago

Probably not that easy. I'm sure it's possible and would happen, but there aren't many people who have the brains to hack into something that technologically advanced.


Yes it's correct that it can be hacked and misused by any one who visits our home. So what kind of security are they doing.

RetrospectRealm1995d ago

Who is going to hack it? Some tech genius walking down the street? Sure maybe a few of them will get hacked, but I think tech geniuses with that capability have better things to do than break into houses.

RetrospectRealm1995d ago

Why not? I don't have a robot guarding my house now, so it can't do much harm with it being there, can it?