Yahoo Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Claiming Messenger Service Sent Spam Texts To Some Users

When you sign up for one kind of message service, you might not expect, or want, messages about that service elsewhere. As such, Yahoo is facing a class-action lawsuit that claims the company’s Messenger service spammed some Sprint cellphone customers with unwanted texts, which could put it on the line for costly fines if it loses in court.

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Stringerbell1984d ago

Yahoo needs to just go away. They aren't relevant anymore and the only time they pop up in the news was for theie former Scrooge CEO or articles that poke fun at them. I dont see any worthy innovation from them, just a legacy of hey we're Yahoo remember when we did XYZ?


Yes you are right they now need to get away.

sonicwrecks1978d ago

I wouldn't say that exactly but they certainly need to rethink their business ideology in a massive hurry.