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LG's LCD TV lineup at CES 2016 goes heavy on HDR compatibility

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If last year's Consumer Electronics Show was the moment TV manufacturers went all-in on 4K, this go around will be when those companies do the same for HDR. Short for high dynamic range, HDR boosts a TV's contrast ratio and color accuracy for a richer and more realistic look. We've heard about it in the past, but expect HDR to be back in full force. LG has decided to get ahead of the CES 2016 news deluge by revealing its three new LCD 4K TVs will all come equipped with its fancy-sounding "HDR-Plus" capability.

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WizzroSupreme2155d ago

As long as Michael Bay isn't introducing it, it should go swimmingly.

RetrospectRealm2153d ago

That wasn't even Michael Bay's fault though. Some idiot screwed up the prompt. So as long as that prompt guy isn't there, it should go swimmingly.