8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Windows 10

TechDaring: "We wanted to fill you in on 8 little secrets you may not have known about your new operating system."

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FRAKISTAN2005d ago

which xbox one game can I play on my PC?

KTF262005d ago

Actually the author completely missed it

"Thanks to Windows 10’s Direct X 12 API, you can now play certain Xbox One games on your computer, tablet, or any other Windows 10 device in your home"

DirectX 12 has nothing to do with streaming
PS4 doesn't support DX12 and there is an app allow for streaming from PS4 to PC

2pacalypsenow2005d ago

You can stream games but I would not play mp since latency is bad

letsgopal2005d ago

Great, you wrote what we can do but you didn't stated HOW we can do it. A+++ Some great and worthy article right here

2pacalypsenow2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Number 11 it's incompatible with almost every game released before 2005 unless you scourge the Internet for some unofficial patch