The browser with 300 million users that's breaking your site

Web development isn’t easy. You’ve got to test your CSS, JavaScript and HTML against every browser imaginable, including trying to make it work in Internet Explorer.

I’m a Web developer in my spare time, and today I had a revelation when I discovered there’s an incredibly popular browser that’s widely used in emerging countries — and it doesn’t support most of the CSS or JavaScript many of us write today.

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franwex2005d ago

I'll try it out. I use Chrome for mobile currently.

KingPin2005d ago

"You probably don’t know anyone with Opera Mini on their phone, and you’ve probably not used it yourself"

how has this guy never heard of this browser until now? its been out for 8-9 years and it was the most popular browser on java and symbian phones back in the day.

k2d2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

My favorite browser on desktop for a decade up until 2013 or whatever.