AMD Dual-Fiji “Gemini” Video Card Delayed To 2016

AnAndTech: I’m going to start off this post a little differently tonight. Since our DX12 Ashes of the Singularity article back in October, I have been looking for an opportunity to do a bit of deep analysis on the current state of SLI, Crossfire, and Alternate Frame Rendering technology. I had expected that chance to come along when AMD launched their dual-GPU Fiji card in 2015. However as AMD is now confirming the card is not launching this year, clearly things have changed. Instead we’re now looking at a 2016 launch for that card, and in light of AMD publicly commenting on the fact that they are going to be focused on VR with the card, now is probably the best time to have that discussion about AFR in order to offer some more insight on AMD’s strategy.

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