Don't Want Windows 10? Here's How You Can Stop The Upgrade

MWEB GameZone writes: "Whatever someone’s reasons might be to not upgrade to Windows 10, the user should have the option to permanently disable the annoying 'upgrade' popup.

Here is how you can stop the notifications / upgrade for good and how Microsoft is fighting back."

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HanCilliers2006d ago

High time! Very cool that you can resume when you're ready to make the transition to Windows 10

Sillicur2006d ago

Yeh, the utility is so good and it finally works without any hassle. Sad to see that microsoft is actually trying to re-enable the settings on some people's pc's without their knowledge :(

ZombieDreddZA2006d ago

Still haven't done my upgrade yet, but the reminders keep coming, so may just follow up with this.

Sillicur2006d ago

I've upgraded on my work PC and honestly it does work well, but going to use this utility on my other PC, i still kinda like Windows 7. Too lazy to downgrade from Win 10 on my work PC.

lord zaid2006d ago

This is helpful, but i still find it strange that someone wouldn't want to upgrade. Windows 10 is actually pretty good. And it is free.

Yi-Long2005d ago

I'm more than satisfied with W7, so why would I want to take the risk and get W10, which has had a mixed reaction, seems to take away certain rights and privacy (unless you go in and tweak all those settings again), and not knowing how W10 will develop in the coming yeara and what they might change?

Also, the whole method of basically FORCING it on me, simply works counter-productive.

I'm ok with getting W10 with a new PC, but on my current PC, I just want to stick with W7, and I should be able to just refuse the Update in a normal manner.

Revvin2005d ago

I was happy with Windows 7 on my desktop gaming PC but took the plunge with Windows 10 on my laptop as it was Windows 8.1 and I hated Windows 8 and liked Windows 10 so much I upgraded my desktop PC and my wife's PC. I bet most of those complaining about privacy (and I'm not singling you out particularly here) bleed more info on a daily basis using Android or Apple phones or by using Twitter or Facebook etc. That's not to say having concerns about your privacy is wrong its just a lot of less savvy people (not talking about you) jump on the privacy bandwagon without thinking about what information they give away by other means.

As far as where Windows 10 is going, I think its only got better with each new update but we know where Windows 7 is going - nowhere. Its a dead end product now with minimal support. Windows 10 isn't being forced on you, its being offered as a free upgrade. You can of course carry on using Windows 7 but when the free upgrade period expires next year maybe you'll regret it. As someone who started out as a sceptic about Windows 10 and the free upgrade all I can say is I'm glad I did and I'd recommend it to others.

Speed-Racer2005d ago

MWEB really hates Windows 10.

Sillicur2005d ago

Nah i'm the writer and i am on Win 10, thing is, i hate the way MS pushes Win 10 onto everyone and the privacy debacle is a big concern.