I'm donating to Wikipedia this year, and so should you

Every year, Wikipedia asks for donations. Like clockwork, I’ve been ignoring it — every year.

That’s all changing. This year I’m donating, and you should too.

Why the sudden change of heart? Wikipedia has transformed into a source rather than a website for me. Its inclusion into Spotlight search in iOS 9 has made it something I use more often.

As a result, I find myself checking there often when I’m not quite sure I’ve got facts straight, or need to find details not readily available on the Web at-large. It’s still not a citable source, but the information is typically correct.

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ChrisW2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Donate? Nope! I'm one of those A-holes who will only miss it when it becomes underfunded and disappears. But then I will move on to what ever replaces it.

Nice try at trying to tug at our heart strings, though.