UK citizens may soon need licenses to photograph some stuff they already own

Copyright strikes again, with photographers and publishers hit particularly hard.

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thereapersson2012d ago

Quite possibly one of the dumbest things I've read about, and I've been on the internet quite a long time.

ravinash2012d ago

People love to scare monger.

Of course if I take a photo of something I own and stick it on facebook, then I can.

If I was trying to sell the said picture, then it would be a different story... but there is nothing new with that.

DarkBlood2013d ago

this isnt going to fly at all

Knightofelemia2012d ago

Thats the tax paying dollars hard at work for a stupid idea I wonder how much more it cost the government in tax paying dollars to do the study and the survey. I can understand copyrighted stuff like a games, movies, and music. But a copyright license to take a picture of your grandmother sitting in a chair that might be copyrighted like WTF?

sonicwrecks2012d ago

Well it's the UK, so probably not tax paying dollars. :)

Anarki2012d ago

The UK is getting ridiculous now

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