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Here’s what the world will be like in 2045, according to DARPA’s top scientists

The world is going to be a very different place in 2045.

Predicting the future is fraught with challenges, but when it comes to technological advances and forward thinking, experts working at the Pentagon's research agency may be the best people to ask.

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dcbronco2912d ago

I want to see personal AIs. Like Cortana on steroids. It has all public knowledge and all personal knowledge specific to you. It would fill out forms, consult with your doctor bases on your history and monitor your activities and what you eat. It would have a neural connection used to operate other machines like thinking you want coffee and it starts the maker. It opens electronic doors and warms the car. Think of where you want to go and it sets the vehicles course. It knows your interest and sends suggestions for coming events and sends you mental reminders. It protects your information from other devices or people and protects you from some accidents by being in constant communication with other devices it will let you know if a car is out of control near you and may pose a danger. Or if someone is a registered sex offender. It provides you with the knowledge to perform anything you need to do. It translates any language for you, including Elvin and Klingon. It uses a system of lighting and thoughts to wake you in the morning. You decide you want to make a dish while at the store and it sends a mental message of ingredients and instructions on making it. Using your brains reaction and psychological profiles it will help you weed out potentially bad relationships before they start.

It WON'T, brush your teeth or wipe your behind. And under no circumstances will it do windows.

dcbronco2911d ago

By that time people would have figured out how to stop hacking. I was just reading an article on this site yesterday about quantum entanglement and it being unhackable because it can only go to one destination and anyone tapping in would get tangled information. There could also be ways of developing encryption that is DNA based so that only that exact thing could read it. Encoding everything with and encrypted DNA genome based on quantum computing would be to hard to hack or too much of a problem to be worth it. They just don't get creative in producing protection. If they did they couldn't sell all of the side crap.

kingjosh18762912d ago

Should we trust somebody who blinks that much?

franwex2912d ago

It won't really change that much. There is not much of a difference from 30 years back; except for the internet. I think what she said; stronger materials that are lighter and more internet connectivity.

boodi2912d ago

makes a lot.
the second part of the century society and tecnhology changed so much. materials are going nuts ( invisibility vests , grafene and other exotics ). likely some reverse engeneering

Cid332912d ago

lol exept, cellphones ,personal pc ,internet, 3d, wifi, portable computers/smart phones,and a million other things. are you 15 or somthing

franwex2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Sooo yeah, internet like I said. Not much has changed from the mid 80s. except connectivity. They had computers then too and used them the same way we do today, except that now they have more memory.

dcbronco2911d ago

Just more memory, see Moore's Law and edit. But as someone else mentioned, new materials, CPUs will most likely be made from something other than silicon, scratch that, will be. Something like graphene or whatever comes after it. We will use neural connections to devices. Cars will drive themselves if we aren't flying by then. We will have colonized another planet. We will soon have invisible weapons and smaller laser weapons. Fingers crossed on hand held. Drones will do our fighting. Space tourism. Hotel style not that floating --it. Most illnesses will be wiped out. People will lived a couple of centuries. Dinosaurs make a comeback. We find Bigfoot. Fusion energy. Warp drives, we already figured out part of it, by accident. In home 3D printers that can produce any product. Movies and games beamed right into your head instead of watching or playing.

Cid332911d ago

i lived in the 80s (yes im old) so i know what we had and not BOY

mechlord2912d ago


Im pretty sure Africa, lots of Asia, South America will still be regular in JUST 30 years.

dcbronco2911d ago

There is a lot of truth to that. But hopefully humanity will grow up some and we start doing better by each other. Then again Asia will probably have surpassed the West since Americans don't seem even smart enough to vote their own self interest. We will have imploded by that time and someone else will have stepped up. We can't even stop our own government from selling us out to the highest bidder.

SirBradders2912d ago

I was thinking more along the lines of a barren wasteland riddled by fallout lol.

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