Red launches the Scarlet-W, an entry-level 5K cinema camera

Shooting a film or commercial with the same high-end equipment as a Peter Jackson or David Fincher just got cheaper. Red just revealed the $9,950 Scarlet-W and Scarlet-W Monochrome, cameras that shoot 5K RAW video and 2K ProRes with the company's Dragon sensor. For slo-mo, the 3.5-pound camera can handle 60 fps in 5K widescreen, 150 fps at 4K, and 300 fps at 2K resolutions. The model sits between the high-end $29,000 6K Epic model and the recently launched $5,950 Raven. Red's Jared Land told No Film School that the Raven is intended for drone or gimbal work, while the Scarlet-W is an entry-level main camera. "All of our [latest] cameras have the Dragon sensor in common, so intercutting footage between the entire line is pretty seamless."

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