8 Seriously Bizarre Scientific Theories From History


Science doesn’t know everything, but it sure knows a hell of a lot more than it used to. Back in what we will collectively term The Olden Days, people simply didn’t have the kinds of incredible resources that we do now.

Considering that we can now do things like photograph the double helix of DNA and peer into the earliest universe, we have a bit of an unfair advantage over our scientific predecessors, who would pitch themselves head first into the world of scientific enquiry armed with nothing more that a magnifying glass and a notebook.

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No Speed-Racer you won't! It was an article I enjoyed reading the most since I joined Techspy. :D

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i dont care how great the article is. i refuse to visit whatculture because their site is bull. thousand clicks per article, simply ridiculous. these guys need to learn the basics of web design, user experience is everything.