Could hackers break my heart via my pacemaker?

"I just found myself lying on the floor. I didn't know what happened," Marie Moe said.

The Norwegian security researcher had been drinking orange juice; now she found herself surrounded by broken glass.

"The juice was in my hair - I thought I must have hit my head and maybe I'm bleeding. It was a frightening moment."

After passing out, Marie was diagnosed with a heart problem, and had a pacemaker implanted. It sits just beneath the skin, marked by a thin white scar, a small computer that keeps her alive.

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sonicwrecks1049d ago

Watch_Dogs has suddenly become real.

level 3601047d ago

Do you think bar codes/serial numbers are imprinted ( on mostly everything ) for verification?

They are there to be easily identified first and foremost., so I think that would be the main target goal for hackers.