Google is shutting down Songza's music service on January 31st


It's been more than a year since Google bought Songza and started integrating its mood-savvy streaming into Play Music. And now, it seems, it's time for the service to ride into the sunset -- Songza has announced that it's shutting down all of its offerings on January 31st, 2016. From then on, you'll have to use Google Play Music to get those familiar features. You'll get to import your playlists and listening history before the fateful day, but there's otherwise no going back.

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thorstein1051d ago

Google steals your music after you purchase it. I am talking about songs purchased before any service agreements were changed.

They charged per song. They changed without notification and songs can be "pinned" to your phone but they are streamed.

This means you can't listen to the music you BOUGHT unless you have a connection. I ditched their crappy OS and its stupid incompatibility problems a year ago and haven't looked back.

And yes, I know Apple is crap too.