8GB RAM Phones On The Way, Thanks To Snapdragon 830 Chipset

Qualcomm is setting the pace and giving competitors a run for their money. The chip manufacturer who recently announced the Snapdragon 820 which could make its first appearance on Xiaomi Mi 5 has started electrifying the air with the possibilities of its next-gen Snapdragon 830 processors.

proudly_X2925d ago

Mobile will overrun the world.

Tzuno2925d ago

the day when you will h old a gaming pc in your pocket is near.

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FlyingFoxy2924d ago

I'm actually not up to scratch with new mobile phones, all i know is that i game on PC and do like spending out on high end hardware which is why i built an x99 rig in the summer with 16gb of ram.

But i see the price of some phones, it's ridiculous.. People think PC gaming is expensive but for the price of some phones you can literally build a capable mid-end gaming PC, like the phones that cost £600 or so.

Not really my thing. I would much rather spend that on upgrades or something for my computer, yeah yeah it's not very portable but i know for a fact it is a ton more powerful than a phone would be.

Bolts2924d ago

Nothing beats desktop gaming. Nothing. Even with old games like AC Unity in ultra @ 60 FPS that the console won't be able to match until five years from now and that's depressing.

eferreira2924d ago

specs won't matter if the OS isn't optimized for it.

masterfox2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

And still all android phones have and still has lag when navigating, my brother gave me an iphone 5 as a gift and yes I hate the damn thing, updating is horrible, used space fills without doing anything, putting files or music is a pain in the ass, seriously in one point cause of that I wanted several times throw to the wall this damn Iphone, but in the end there is something I must say that it has good and very good and that is, lag is almost none existent here, response is fast and smooth also the camera is great too, <--Probably this is why lots people like it and I like it that too(hated too) cause of that but yes at the same time I miss the freedom of Android phones offers.


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