Google removes Chrome's notification center because nobody used it

As promised in October, Google has ditched Chrome's desktop notification center in its latest update, released today. The company first introduced the center back in 2013 and updated it with...

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masterfox1051d ago

huh ? there was a notification center in chrome ? ok.

Aldous_Snow1051d ago

Never even knew it was there.

Christopher1051d ago

I used it... Instead of removing it, how about you instead make it better and more functional? Damn it.

Just FYI, it was a bell-shaped icon in your taskbar. If you clicked it, you would get certain info that you would get if you view the Google Now page on your phone. I used it to help track packages, G+ notifications, and get quick info on weather.

donwel1051d ago

Oooh so that's what they're on about.
I've just checked my task bar and it's still there, so it's not been removed yet.

pabsis1051d ago

i think this says more about google plus than anything else

Tzuno1051d ago

Chrome is a bad designed software that's why i use firefox for years.

extremefinance1050d ago

chrome is the most popular web browser currently running. Firefox and both are running succesfully and both are of a particular kind. there's no competition.