The flagship smartphone is dead


We used to live in simpler times. Five years ago, there was only one iPhone, one Palm Pre, one Nokia N8, and one Xperia X10. Each mobile company’s flagship phone was readily identifiable. But then 2011 and the inexorable rise of Android happened, and now the very idea of a flagship is starting to feel dubious. Is LG’s best phone the G4 or the V10? Is Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S6 or the Note 5? And which iPhone is Apple’s most important one?

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Tzuno1050d ago

Hahahahhh i love competition it brings prices down and specs up.

N0TaB0T1048d ago

Of course the inbred hipsters of the Verge, the same deadbrained cattle who feel Apple broke the meaning of ever having an interesting or diverse market at all.

Ask anyone who writes for the Verge if the Blackberry came before the iPhone. Go on. I bet they'd get defensive.

What a bunch of human waste I swear.