We Don't Need A Thinner iPhone

The Verge

If a report from the Japanese blog Macotakara is to be believed, Apple is planning on getting rid of the headphone jack in the next iPhone. As it attempts to once again shrink its flagship device, Apple is reportedly planning on shipping EarPods that connect through the Lighting port with the next iPhone in order to remove the thicker 3.5mm headphone jack. This is a bad idea.

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WizzroSupreme1051d ago

Nope, but we do need a reason to keep upgrading to a new one every year for more than just updating software.

KingPin1050d ago

general question:
why do you upgrade every year?

a flagship phone of any brand lasts at least 2 years and up to 4+ years if you look after it.

there is no need to upgrade every year. every 2 years maybe as that's generally the contract period.

thorstein1050d ago

"We Don't Need An iPhone."

Fixed it for you.

annoyedgamer1050d ago

Remember when apple fangirls said big screens were gimmicks and their perfectly sized screen fit well in their small hands?

KingPin1050d ago

i'll just leave this here for those disagrees

by this logic, apple lost their minds

eferreira1050d ago

Oh so 1 article = everyone. OK

People change and so do opinions. Who cares what everyone wanted back then.

God forgive someone who changes their opinion from like 5 years ago.

Back then it suite their needs and didn't need a bigger screen but technology changed and now some prefer.

eferreira1050d ago

Remember when people used the word fangirls. Ya, I was 12 years old once.

KingPin1050d ago

actually it wasn't just one article. please go back and do your research. i just put the first one i found.

its funny how people change their minds when it suits them. it went from "agh its a gimmick" "who wants to hold something that big to their ear" etc etc to "i want i want i want".

another thing is how hilarious apple fans are that when other companies take the risks and do it first 5 years ahead of time its crap but when apple does it its suddenly the future and revolutionary.

i take it these comments struck a nerve with you coz you are/were one of those naysayers who changed his mind. lol

Tiqila1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

apples new products have become increasingly unsatisfactory.