Apple To Abandon Headphone Jack? Leak Reveals Massive Gamble

Apple opened up its MFi (Made For) licensing program to include headphones which use its proprietary Lightning port and I predicted this would lead to it replacing the standard 3.5mm headphone jack “in a few years”.

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NitrousX1056d ago

So would that mean that their beats heaphones could possibly use the technology, it makes sense in saving space. But it stops users from using their other heaphones with the newer iphones

Skate-AK1055d ago

That's the point. They want you to go out and buy new Beats, on top of the pair you might already have. Oh your Beats or other headphones still work? Too bad you need these ones instead. It really is a money grabbing ploy to get you to buy more proprietary cables but I don't put it past Apple.

freshslicepizza1056d ago

makes sense and i actually hate the 3.5 mm jack. my ipods have always ran into issues of songs pausing thinking the headphones were detached. an updated connection would be fine with me.

MicrosoftMackin1055d ago

Lol u need take of your phone/iPods better.

turab1055d ago

and what should I do with my HQ headphones?! The jack is a Universal standard and its doing fine no need to change it.

KingPin1055d ago

dont worry about that. we all know apple will make an adapter of some sort and over charge you for it.

pretty much business as usual for them.

Speed-Racer1055d ago

Fantastic. Yet another reason to not buy an iPhone. Let's work on the basics first like...battery life?


lmao. you make decisions on what products to buy based on long-shot, largely unsupported rumors? also, the iphone 6s+ has one of the best battery lifes in its class. the standard 6s also has a good/very good battery life in its competing class.

MicrosoftMackin1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Looks like I won't be getting an iPhone 7

boing11055d ago

Stupidest decision ever made if it's true.

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