A New Patent Reveals How Google's Self Driving Cars Could Talk To Pedestrians

The Verge

As Google works towards the dream of the total driverless car, one of the problems that has been cropping up is that the vehicles are, by design, very defensive drivers. This can leave them stuck at four-way intersections where a little bit of aggression is required before other cars will make space on the road. It can throw off the humans around them, who are prone to rear-ending a vehicle that stops a little too courteously. And it can result in speeding tickets for, well, driving too slow.

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WizzroSupreme1145d ago

What a wonderful world we live in. Technology has come so far and now all I can think about is whether or not the car will shout out "I'm driving here, I'm driving here!" in the manner of Dustin Hoffman's famous non-sequitor.

Aldous_Snow1145d ago

Dont care how far technology has come. I wouldn't be seen dead in one of those

HELLSAINT258PPS1143d ago

That's a bit of an ignorant statement. I suppose you would have not have been seen dead in a newfangled Horseless Carriage either, right?