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These 3 judges hold the fate of the Internet in their hands

Next week, a federal appeals court in Washington will hear one of its biggest cases of the year, one whose outcome will directly affect how Internet providers can alter your experience online.

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Stringerbell1110d ago

Oh boy I forgot how much I love comments on newspaper websites. 99 percent of the posters have no idea as to what net neutrality is - my favourite one says that: due to govt takeover of the internet 'the market will react and make a competing internet' and furthermore if people truly didn't like their ISP if enough complained, a new one would come to service their needs.

Wondering if being dropped on your head as a child is a prerequisite to commenting on the Washington Post...

ravinash1109d ago

Really don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Ashlen1109d ago

It's really a shame how uneducated people are. And it's unfortunate how successful corporations and the right have been in getting those people to vote against their own interests.

Stringerbell1109d ago

Basically because these corporations are clever in creating faux grass roots groups that are really just fronts for towing the corporate line.

This is a long interview but basically this journalist books a 'grassroots media organizer' who in reality is a paid broadband lobbyist. Once the journalist exposes who her benefactor is ie she is a shill, the backtracking begins. Solid interview imho.

dcbronco1109d ago

I think the internet needs to be open on every level. They need to open up local competition among providers. And make it a right of the people instead of dividing the country into sections and divvying it up. The cable, wireless and phone companies need to be separated. We need a new Ma Bell type breakup because they are really one large company with few exceptions. There is no real competition. Make the cell providers and others go against each other. With things like Binge On they are on more equal footing.