Anonymous 'anti-Islamic State list' features Obama and BBC News

Anonymous "declared war" on so-called Islamic State (IS) after the jihadist group claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks on Friday 13 November.

Hackers said they would take down "IS-linked" social media accounts.
A list, shared online by Anonymous, claimed it detailed more than 20,000 accounts which had already been disabled. But among the thousands of Twitter names the list features Barack Obama's official account and even BBC News.

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Community1146d ago
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suli55951146d ago

"Clearly these accounts have never posted support for so-called Islamic State" regarding Obama, the white house and hillarious clintons account.... Sure they never posted support on twitter i agree with that, but these accounts are there for a reason, and anonymous know what theyre doing, they know IS was created by the americans and the french and other countries so this was no mistake my friends. Obama made ISIS because he had to "kill" bin laden to gain some fame and needed to create a new medium. So there you have it

TLG19911146d ago

Where do i collect my tin foil hat?

Stringerbell1146d ago

While you are at it, I suggest becoming fluent in hyperbole. I find it helps with these sort of stories, sometimes English just wont cut it.

dcbronco1146d ago

I believe Anonymous knew what they were doing also. The US invaded Iraq illegally. It has killed around a million innocent people in the process of it's war on terror. It admits to 80-100,000 and usually compensates the families it admits harming. NGOs have long said the numbers are far higher. Then Chelsea Manning came along and released documents proving far more than the US admitted to. The US numbers were so low because it simply listed anyone killed in strikes as a terrorist. Even reporters killed by helicopter gunships.

Anonymous is a international organization. Under 3,000 Americans were killed on 9/11 and we call the perpetrators terrorist. What do you call people that have killed a million. Collateral damage isn't a good answer,

slate911146d ago

Actually he funded the FSA to fight against syria and try to topple yet another government. And then the FSA was linked to al-queda, and thus turned into ISIS.

Draw your own conclusions whether it was intentional or not.

The_Blue1146d ago

Where did isis get those guns?

suli55951145d ago

Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ...... wait for it....... BAMA!

RazMaTaz01211146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

USA funded people like Bin Laden, Sadam Hussain, Al Queda, and no exception, ISIS too, so its no surprise Obama being on that list. Its all a facade to go into these untapped developing countries and steal their resources because resources is slowly but surely wearing thin. Typical example is Afghanistan, link below:

Syria is nothing but another facade, and its both USA and UKs fault for not doing a proper job helping these people, rather, just bombing what is left of Syria and "assuming" every target they hit is 100% ISIS when infact their could be plenty of civilians there too.

As for BBC, well, they been fabricating news for a long time, with the conflicts between Israel and Palestine as a clear example. Channel 4 news is the only one who actually shows the real picture, and Jon Snow personally went out of his way to demonstrate the conflict between Israel and Palestine and it isnt what BBC made it out to be. So many protests occur outside BBC due to this but they dont give a rats ass, as long they cause bigotry, then thats all that matters to them. George Galloway has been interviewed several times by the BBC, and when he speaks out against countries like Israel or assigns blame, the presenter loses his/her head. ISIS have killed more muslims than any other people, but do BBC portray that? Nope.

I swear if these people even have had even a hint of fear for God, they would think twice. Scum, both ISIS and the all the retards involved, including USA and UK for funding these people in the first place and then trying to convince the world otherwise.

Muadiib1146d ago

Yeah the BBC are heavily biased towards Palestine, they don't show things from Israels pov at at all, Israel is the only truly free country in the whole region.

suli55951145d ago

That last paragraph of yours perfectly says it all my friend. And im quite surprised that most of the people that commented agreed with my first comment including you. Theres nothing we can do but to just sit and watch what the whole outcome of all this is. Fucking GREED, love for that poison we call OIL. Someday this world is gonna be powered by the sun and only the sun but thats gonna be a very very long time from now.

RazMaTaz01211145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

@ Muadiib - are you high? Israel is a free country? You mean the country that arrests young boys and girls and holds them captive? Where its ok for an Israeli to batter a palestinian but if its the opposite, things go horribly wrong,Shooting openly with bullets just because Israel soldiers IDF "feel like it", and even yesterday, Israel heads had a meeting with Google and Youtube to ask to censor videos of the conflicts of Israel V Palestine. Why? Because the truth has come out by many on many social sites including Facebook amongst others. Look at Robert Martins videos who is an Aussie activist who also has shown the truth of Israel. You know things are not right when authordox jews like Rabbais are against their own country too.

This is coming from a guy who actually WENT to Palestine to see all this first hand. I was stopped at airport security for 2 hours, one of my friends who was with me got beaten and detained just because the head of the soldiers at the airport "felt like he was a threat". We couldnt enter Masjid Al Aqsa, and if we prayed outside it, we were stopped. You think this is freedom of speech/expression? Lets now talk about freedom of expression and speech.

Lets talk about Charlie Hebdo, the man who went out of his way to Insult muslims with drawings, insult the Syrian boy who died at the beach, amongst many other effed up things simply because he trying to "express" freedom of speech. Funny thing is, Paris attacks have happened, but you dont see him depicting images of it do you? Want to bet that If someone made those pictures and it went viral to mock france, it would not backfire on that person? World goes bat crap crazy over Paris with the amount of people who died, forgetting that a number of native paris muslims ALSO died, but BBC didnt pick up on that did they? While that was happening, how many people died in Lebanon, Syria, amongst others during that day? Alot more, yet, you dont hear about it. Facebook goes out of their way by allowing users to modify their facebook pictures with a french flag. Da hells that gonna do?

This is the world we live in, where they tell you so much, feed you so much crap, and people believe it. People go on about muslims being a threat, ummm, have you ever thought that its superior powers that are a threat to muslims? We go into their countries, bomb them senseless, steal their resources, fuel Israel, and then expect muslims to be normal? Then biggots scream to "go back to your country", well we would, but its being destroyed by USA and UK.

Disagree with my comments all you like, but anyone with half a sense would actually do their own research and go/visit these places first hand rather than believe what comes out of your TV set.