Microsoft explains disappearance of the Windows 10 November Update from Media tool

WinBeta: Earlier today, we reported that the Windows 10 November Update had been pulled from Windows Update, meaning it was no longer being offered to Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 users. It also appears to have been pulled from the Media Creation Tool, meaning you can no longer do in-place upgrades with an ISO, as the tool is no longer offering the ISO for download.

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HanCilliers1062d ago

And the Windows 10 woes continue...

Sillicur1062d ago

Wonder what will be next

Godmars2901062d ago

So after all the defense for MS that Windows 10 wont delete apps, its first major update deletes apps.


FlameBaitGod1062d ago

They do this with all their major products, remember X1 and how kinect was impossible to remove because it was part of the OS ? and a week l8r they did because of all the complains.

yomfweeee1062d ago

They didn't pull the update. Not sure why sites keep reporting that. It is still available via Windows Update.

All they did was pull the full install ISO that contained everything including the November update.

Speed-Racer1062d ago

That's what happen when no-name blogs report on things. I've since updated the story the reflect the correct and more accurate source.

1nsomniac1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Along with the new update they also pushed through the updated Xbox Accessorize PC App. As soon as I tried to do a controller firmware update it instantly bricked my Xbone controller. After having to fight with Microsoft for 2 days. They said they wouldn't repair or replace it unless I bought a new Xbone console. I requested they send me the transcripts. Once they realized that they had to legally accept to send them & that what they had suggested was bribery they apologized said I could keep the one I already had & they would send me a new one in the post.

Absolutely disgusted by the service though!

Tzuno1062d ago

Wow for a billionaire corporation they sure thought a lot about how much you cost them with this unfortunate incident.