iPhone 7 To Be Water-resistant And Have 3GB RAM

10 months away from the launch of iPhone 7, rumors and speculations about the device has started spreading like wild fire. According to a research company TrendForce, the iPhone 7 will be waterproof

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proudly_X1062d ago

3GB RAM on top of iOS 10 or whatever it would be called would definitely be a killer... xD

badz1491060d ago

And they will claim how awesome the iPhone 7 is being water proof while Sony welcome them to 2012!

KingPin1060d ago

not even welcome to 2012. sony had waterproof phones in 2012 not water resistant phones.

theres a difference between the two.

bouzebbal1059d ago

latest Sony phones ate IP68. This is the highest grade for electronic equipment.
Now people will start talking about how amazing water resistance is... pathetic

slate911060d ago

I hope along with water resistance they make a ridiculously long lasting battery.

Masterchief_thegoat1060d ago

that all I need, is very long lasting battery

Pillsbury11060d ago

I would be really happy with a longer lasting battery as charging it halfway through the day is annoying.

3D touch is the first step towards a home button-less iphone so they might remove the home button for iphone 7.

Tzuno1060d ago

yes, yessss milk the fk out of it.

thecowsaysmoo1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

The reason why iPhone is so beloved is because how user friendly it is and great library of Apps. A baby can work the iPhone for god sakes.

mcstorm1059d ago

I do agree with you on this front. But what dose my head in with the IPhone is how Apple make out what they do on there phones/tablets is something new and never been done before. 3D touch, bigger screen, Pencil, keyboard on cover and more.

The IPhone as a phone is very dull and has not really changed much since the 1st one in terms of how it works. I have had a Windows mobile then moved to android then IOS and then Windows Phone as I wanted a phone to give me a different experience when I used them rather then being the same just a little faster each time.

It is each to there own but it is the apple fans who talk up Apple devices being far better than anything in the market when it never is in terms of power, camera even what the phone can do.

The one thing IO's dose have is its simple to use which is great for none tech users.