Comcast May Have Found a Major Net Neutrality Loophole


Comcast may have found a major loophole in the Federal Communication Commission’s network neutrality regulations.

Earlier this month the company launched a new streaming video service for Comcast broadband customers called Stream TV. The service, which is only available in the greater Boston and Chicago areas so far, allows you to watch HBO as well as live local television stations on your computer, tablet or laptop. The catch is that the service will only work from your home.

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WizzroSupreme1153d ago

Great, just great. Comcast can now slow down our speeds by x9.

S2Killinit1151d ago

Im so tired of these cable/satilite companies. I hope people start cutting cords and leave these monopolies behind.

dcbronco1151d ago

It's not that big a deal really. They are grasping for straws. They know between Google Fiber, local municipal networks and 5G phone service in 3-5years they are on the way out. Add T-Mobile Binge On and they have to bow to that too. People are cutting cable and streaming makes it easy. T-Mobile is making streaming even more viable. They have no where else to go.

Die Comcast. Go gently into that good night.

FlameBaitGod1151d ago

Google Fiber FTW! F Comcast.

iliimaster1151d ago

netflix or sling need local channels and its the begining of the end

S2Killinit1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Vue is already offering local channels i believe but the roll out is slow and takes time.

iliimaster1151d ago

cool ill have to check it out as my directv bill is now 140 a month

Tales RPG addict1151d ago

This is why I avoid cable companies like the plague. They are so full of themselves beyond comparison that it's not even funny. Cable TV is a waste of time consideriing the literal fact being that cable tv sends you brainwashed into a consumer based frenzy where you believe every bit of nonsense the false mainstream media sends people.