YouTube Says It'll Offer Legal Protection Of Up To $1 Million For Select Video Creators Facing DMCA


"YouTube announced this morning plans to up its efforts in protecting video creators from copyright takedown requests for videos that should otherwise be classified as “fair use.” The company says that, in select cases, it will compensate creators whose videos have been subject to these takedown notices for up to $1 million in legal costs in the event the takedown results in a lawsuit for copyright infringement. The videos will remain live on YouTube, during this process."

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Stringerbell1154d ago

Wow Google going up to bat for its creators, have to respect them for that.

UKmilitia1153d ago

or they will help the people that are getting them all the traffic and ad revenue.

mechlord1153d ago

but of course; what do you think "select" means?

Aldous_Snow1153d ago

A good move... for a change