Should you worry about Nexus 6P's visor’s susceptibility to crack?

DigitFreak: After the alleged bending, few users of Huawei Nexus 6P are reporting spontaneous cracking of its visor. What is the truth behind these “spontaneous” cracks and should you worry about it? Let’s find out.

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netizen1155d ago

Seriously?!? We're going to give credence to some crazy ramblings on reddit about "spontaneous" anything? If the theory regarding the missing shock ring is true, there would need to be some lateral force applied to make the glass break, which negates the whole "spontaneous" thing. How about this? Maybe the owners spontaneously dropped their phones, because that's what they look like. Now they're upset because they didn't buy Google protection, so they're trying to make this Huawai's fault in order to get a free replacement. I actually own a 6P, and I can tell you it is not the fragile little flower they're making it out to be online.

notmyfirstid1155d ago

Pretty weird how this hasn't been an issue with the iPhone 5 and 5S models. Reasonable explanation anyone?

swadesh1155d ago

The glass on the iPhone are NOT confined, it is allowed room to expand. If you look at how the iPhone glass is mated to the phone, it sits on top of the aluminum case, and there is a thin elastomer gasket between the lower-edge of the aluminum frame and the glass section that "snaps" into this. The aluminum frame will flex, to allow for expansion - and the elastomer helps maintain a water-tight seal. You only need a few thousands of an inch of space for thermal expansion. The linear coefficient of Glass is 3.3 (10-6 in/(in R)), Where R is the temperature in Kelvin (F). So, if you take the glass from the summertime high of 100F to a winter low of -20F, you have a delta of 120F x (3.3x10^-6), or allow for a glass expansion of 0.000396 inches for every linear inch of screen (in X and then the Y axis). Ideally, you would calculate something in the middle temperature range as your norm, so your deviation would be about half that. The math isn't that hard.

Huawei opted to capture and hold the glass in a frame that doesn't allow for thermal expansion. Obviously, this is a problem.