(WGB) D-Link AC3200 DIR-890L Router Review – Router, Or Robot In Disguise?

Baden of WGB: "The chances are that you’ve never paid too much attention to your router except for when its gone horribly wrong. These magic boxes tend to sit in corners, under desks or are otherwise hidden away in obscure dimensions of space, forgotten about despite the important task they play in delivering wi-fi and herding the constant stampedes of data passing through them. Most people simply use whatever cheap, generic one they were given by their Internet provider, while other people go out with the intention of buying something better and wind up feeling more than a little confused as they try to navigate the many numbers and strange words that PR companies so love to use. Investing in a good router is worth the effort, though, especially if you’ve got a damn good Internet connection and plenty of wireless devices, which brings us today’s offering. There’s expensive routers, and then there’s really expensive routers. With a pricetag of £220-250 D-Links AC3200 DIR-890L certainly falls into the second category, but is it actually any good?"

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