Donald Trump tells 10-year-old that ‘space is terrific’ but potholes are more important

Asked by a 10-year-old at a New Hampshire campaign event Wednesday about NASA, Trump responded “I love NASA” and “Space is terrific.” However, he added, “Right now, we have bigger problems — you understand that? We’ve got to fix our potholes.”

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smashman982416d ago

I sort of agree. This year alone I busted a rim, My resonator, my flex pipe, a quarter panel, 2 tires, and finally my whole damn suspension system because of potholes :(

alti2415d ago

aw, your car needed minor fixes in the face of exploration and understanding of the cosmos.

Are you kidding me?

subtenko2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

No we arent kidding... Its like a person in crutches trying to rock climb....fix your problems first then explore or you risk it all!

Its a figurative analogy. Do you want to truck a long while being wounded or do you wanna patch yourself up and then go? :|

Muadiib2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Even more so, this world is falling apart with countless people dying of starvation and a plethora of other devastating problems, space exploration really shouldn't come into it yet.

And that's coming from a massive sci-fi lover that sees us exploring the universe eventually.

RedTriangle532415d ago

Being a sci-fi fan does not validate your opinion.

I am also a huge sci-fi fan and I can say that most books I've read that have touched the matter usually involve us using space travel to leave Earth and then set up functional societies somewhere that hasn't been so deeply rooted in chaos and greed as Earth has. If we are to wait until people stop massacring each other, corporations stop being greedy, politicians stop being hypocritical liars etc. before advancing science, we're in for a long-ass fucking wait.

Speed-Racer2415d ago

Maybe not the right forum for a comment like that, but we need to fix our own planet first before worrying about others.

Stringerbell2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

When you look at science fiction - Star Trek, or my personal fav Babylon 5, the over arching theme is always about humanity. People are always treated as a single unit humans ie versus this species or a human colony etc etc.

In these universes humanity has put aside (for the most part) trivial nonsense like religious, cultural, ethnic differences in place of moving forward together.

That to me was always more far flung than all this high tech science fiction stuff (which will be achieved in time), but people putting all these differences aside and just being decent with each other, I'm not sure...

b163o12415d ago

Soooo it seems as if World domination would be the way to go...

subtenko2415d ago

exactly or you'll see the same problems on the next planet.... I like how people just take everything at face value...Its like...think a little ya know?