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The real jetpack is back, and it’s not just a 20-second steam machine

Just a few days ago, Nelson Tyler’s jet fuel pack buzzed the Statue of Liberty (with permission) in a daunting show of aerial virtuosity. While crude rocket belts puffing peroxide steam do this kind of thing all the time, what separates the men from the boys in the world of aerial toys is stamina — namely, a whole decimal point of endurance. While the best rocket belt clone today can go a mere 30 seconds, the jet pack harnesses the best that rotating machinery has to offer to extract 30 minutes.

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Stringerbell2047d ago

We may not have gotten the hover-board in 2015, but this is a good replacement. Wonder if the elderly man in the pic was piloting the thing?

technofreak2047d ago

The way around the skies.