T-Mobile is writing the manual on how to f*** up the internet

The internet is still in trouble, and now we know how it’s going to get worse. T-Mobile has just announced what it’s calling "Binge On," a deal that gives customers unlimited access to Netflix, HBO Go, ESPN, Showtime, and video from most other huge media brands.

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Aldous_Snow2046d ago

Biggest forehead I've ever seen.

dcbronco2045d ago

Articles like this recently from Verge are leading me to believe they are either clueless or corrupt. Saying T-Mobile is bad for competing by providing customers with a better service is ridiculous. The idea that it gives them too much power is a joke when the simple response from the competition should be to simply develope similar technology and compete directly against them. Verge seems to agree that there isn't really a shortage of bandwidth. So this forces the others to release it. But the author's stance would also mean Google fiber is bad for forcing ISPs to lower prices. The assumption that YouTube is being excluded by T-Mobile is a reach. And the idea that the technical requirements are exclusionary without knowing what they are is also. In a age when a flagship smartphone can take 4k video, I'm not sure who it is that will be left out.

The real fear with this is that cable companies know they are being relegated to the far less powerful position of ISP. And they'll have to compete with cell service that will soon be using 5g and offering faster service than they do. If T-Mobile forces prices down on that service and you couple that with HBO and the other subscription channels going streaming you have dead cable companies. Why pay them $200 when $35 on a phone plan and the select channels you want cost you an additional $40 for streaming channels gives you everything you need.

What will happen is eventually those channels will bundle into cheap packages and cable companies will die. That is the real threat and the cable companies are who the Verge is carrying water for with this article.