Leaked Comcast docs prove 300GB data cap has nothing to do with network congestion

One of the inherent problems with Internet providers is that the largest among them also happen to be cable providers. So as consumers increasingly look to cut the cord, it’s far too easy for a company, like, oh I don’t know, say Comcast, to roll out data caps with overage fees in an effort to restore some balance to their bottom line.

FlameBaitGod2948d ago

Lol this is like cellphone plans, they can make everyone have unlimited data without hurting their satellites or hiring more people but off course they rather sell them in packages since so many people use it.

Skate-AK2948d ago

That is still a good deal. I have a 150GB limit and if I go over it is $5 per 1GB.

OMGitzThatGuy2948d ago

Well i have cox in new orleans and i have 200mb down 20 up and a 2tb limit

Skate-AK2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I have GCI in Alaska with 50mb down and 3mb up with a 150GB limit. I pay $80 a month. I wish a new IPS would come up and make it competive.

antikbaka2948d ago

and i have unlimited internet 70Mbit/s for 10$ here in russia..

jerethdagryphon2948d ago

With the files leaked we have ammunition to go against the companys

ChristopherJack2947d ago

Sounds like America is going backwards. We've had terrible broadband plans for ever in Australia & only a few years ago we started getting more & better unlimited deals.

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EvilCackle356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Good thing I signed up at launch so people know I'm the real evilcackle

CurrentDigital356d ago

Huge loss for those who don't know where else to spend their surplus $8 a month

SwiderMan355d ago

Still haven't been approved for Twitter Blue :/

gatewayinternational352d ago

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147d ago
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