Kickasstorrents blocked again over “Harmful Programs”

KickassTorrents is continuing to have problems with Google's unwanted software policy. After the site resolved an earlier problem with a bad advertiser, Firefox and Chrome users are again barred from accessing the popular torrent index. Instead, they see an ominous warning screen.

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Yes its again been blocked and no one knows how much far it will continue.

Tzuno2288d ago

Ignore and proceed, haters gonna hate.

Speed-Racer2288d ago

Nothing to do with haters though.

Tzuno2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

haters being those who work to bring torrenting sites down, you know them, copyright rich ass ever greedy bastards.

Speed-Racer2287d ago

Nah this isn't about that though. Some of the ads they show were malware laden and as a result, the site itself was flagged. It happens from time to time to legit sites as well because they don't always have control over what is displayed. They can report it once it comes up but to anticipate it doesn't always work out unless you're using a top tier ad service.

iliimaster2287d ago

know what to click, know what not to click and ull be fine.

iTechHeads2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Safari on Mac gives me a warning as well.
I won't take that risk.

Fix your site KAT

madmonkey012286d ago

i use it on firefox just fine