Apple iPad Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – are tablets still a thing?

"Analysts were saying for the past couple of years that tablets are outdated and no longer popular, as the tablet market started dwindling. It seems they were wrong, or people decided to reconsider their options and saw versatility in large touchscreen devices, as the Apple iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 are two of the most popular devices that the community is discussing. "

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emilysmithltg2627d ago

How can the iPad Pro have better value for money? If you get the full package (stylus and keyboard), the base model costs $1050. Apple makes about $600 profit off of that.

Gondee2627d ago

A better questions is why are they comparing two tablets in completely different leagues.

S2Killinit2626d ago

Not sure if pads are still popular. I didnt feel the need to own one after my first one years ago.